My Role Model in Life

Posted in Personal on October 20, 2010 by shidio

Everyone has a role model in their life. Likewise, I have my own role model who is non-other than my parent. Yes, since my childhood days they direct me in which way I should go for – they give me courage to face the challenges that comes on my way. They have put deep scars in my heart to treasure forever beyond time.

Deep within, I wonder sometimes, will those days that my parent exemplanary life could ever return??Because they have enriched my life with Love, to be truthful and honest in every moment of my life.

Indeed, what I ‘am today is the strength of my parent. My Father always reminds me to be “Humble Hearted Person”. Though sometimes I failed to live upto their expectations I’ am very much sure one fine day I will embrace them in a, most purposeful manner.

Infact, words are not enough for me to express the wonderful deeds they have shown to me. I should say my Parents’ are simply- Amazing!! I wish and pray for their longlife because they are precious to me.

Benrithung. c. Shitiri





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This is for the one who saved me
accepts me for who i am, just me
and always gives back tenfold whatever i give
Respect was never ever questioned, every feeling reciprocated
mutual ideals and passion straight from the soul, from my soul
When i’m safely in your arms there i find my sanctuary
help me weather every storm, you’re my sanctuary, my true love
There are those who tried to use you
even ones who would abuse you
they never took the time to see what i see
how you’re always waiting for me kept me sane while all was crazy
and so i give you what’s dearest to me
My true love the very first time you touched my soul
from that day on never want to let you

A tribute to Mothers’ Day…Mothering Sunday2010!!!

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Mothers are everything for our life…when we are small-all that is to resolve our lives around us. To take us out we hold her arms…its really worth mentioning the amazing things the LOVE & CARE! Infact, theres’ no other substitute to filled the position of our Mothers’.

“There isn’t a day of the year that you aren’t special to me Mom”

Am really Blessed to have my Mother— I sincerely acknowledge the Beautiful quality she owns’ in and out to shape me in correct format in the venture of my Life.THANK YOU GOD!

I pray for  all the Mothers for a Long Healthy Life !!



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Mistakes and failures are a common, even valuable part of life. But over time they can erode your concept of who you are, with devastating consequences. The key is to give yourself full credit for your positive qualities and achievements.

Tips on Effective Green Cleaning

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Nature Lover!!!

Nature Lover!!!

These days, green cleaning has become a pretty big

deal. And no wonder — all of those harsh chemicals

going down the drain can’t be good for Mother Nature.

If it will corrode your body & skin, do you really want it in

your water supply?

Even people who don’t consider themselves environmental

activists turn to green home cleaning. Why? To protect

themselves and their families, of course. Green

cleaning products are less toxic, less dangerous, and

just as effective as their chemical counterparts.

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.

Autograph your work with excellence.”

Ben Photos Collection!

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Elephant falls-SHILLONG

Elephant falls-SHILLONG



Science City Kolkata

Science City Kolkata

Old Courtrallam falls Tamil Nadu!!

Old Courtalam falls Tamil Nadu!!
Courtalam H2o Falls

Courtalam H2o Falls

Vivekananda Rock Memorial- Kanyakumari

Vivekananda Rock Memorial- Kanyakumari!!

Vivek kananda Temple-Kanyakumari

Vivekananda Temple-Kanyakumari!!!!!!!!

Basalica of Bom Jesus GOA

Basalica of Bom Jesus GOA!!


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Fear is a healthy survival mechanism. We need to pay attention to it, but we can’t let it prevent us from taking effective action. The key is to be realistic about the possible benefits, as well as the potential downsides.

This is encouraging messages about moving forward boldly, in spite of concerns and fears.